Sensitizing Sectarianism

Posted in Dialogue, Islam, Sectarianism at 9:32 am by Haider

The Ministry of Information in Kuwait has, in recent years, increased its efforts to clamp down on any publication that is seen to incite sectarian conflict. This is a position that many members of parliament support, and has the backing of a large portion of the population, who would like to see the end of sectarian tension. The worry is that the sectarian conflicts that are raging in Iraq will spill over to Kuwait, threatening the security of the country and the well-being it enjoys.

While it’s extremely important to address the issue of sectarianism and to acknowledge the growing dangers it poses, the approach that’s being taken in Kuwait is fostering greater sectarianism, and is preventing the spread of the only possible solution to the problems sectarianism can pose. Read the rest of this entry »


Taming Our Emotions

Posted in Dialogue, Ethics, Personal Development at 2:15 pm by Haider

Muslims in general, and Arabs in particular, have a reputation for being too emotional when it comes to debates. A simple comparison between a debate on an Arab channel and one on an English channel will show how emotionally-charged Arabs can be. In fact, Arabs usually refer to Westerners as being “cold” because they do not readily express their emotions.┬áBut a┬ásensationalist attitude does not encourage dialogue, and rather than promote understanding of different points of view, it distances people from one another, and undermines the view, or belief, we seek to defend. Read the rest of this entry »

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