Reason and Emotions and Human Nature (Oh My!)

Posted in Philosophy at 4:31 pm by Haider

The vast majority of people are divided into two main camps in their understanding of human nature:

The first group regards human beings as rational animals and are characterized by their use of reason. Therefore, emotions are considered to be an obstacle, distraction or disease, to be dismissed, disposed of or cured.

The second group, on the other hand, believes that to be human is to experience and embrace one’s emotions. Reason can cripple one’s emotional experience, and may cloud one’s intuitive judgments.

There is, however, a third understanding of how reason and emotions relate to human nature: since both exist within human beings, both form a part of our nature. We cannot side with reason and disregard our emotions, or judge by our emotions and dismiss reason.

Both reason and emotion are integral parts of what makes us human. However, reason and emotions have different roles to play in our lives. We cannot judge facts with emotions or experience feelings with reason, in the same way that we cannot smell with our ears or listen with our eyes.


An Open Letter to the Ayn Rand Institute

Posted in Extremism, Philosophy at 10:19 am by Haider

(This is a letter I wrote to the Ayn Rand Institute regarding some articles they sent out to their newsletter subscribers regarding Islam and terrorism. I didn’t get a reply from the Institute, but thought that others might find it useful) Read the rest of this entry »

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