Salaam + Hello,

It may seem contradictory to say that ideas are valued on this site, when they seem to be valued at a fils (the denomination of the currency in Kuwait)! But the name only indicates the relationship between ideas and value. A lot of information you come across is not worth very much. In fact, it’s worth way less than the time you spend absorbing it. That is, instead of bringing you value, it takes value away from you!

I have come across many blogs, which I regret visiting. I’m not really interested in what pyjamas people wear at the weekend, or what their pet’s vocabulary is, or how people feel when they stand on their heads for hours on end, or what their friend “Nunu” thought about the guy she saw in Starbucks. These things, to me, are as interesting as navel lint (i.e. not very interesting). They do not contribute much to my life, and don’t suppose they contribute much to the lives of the writers.

The aim of this site is to produce quality material that people would say is worth the read.

The topics I write about deal with philosophy, politics, religion, language, social issues, self-improvement and a cocktail combination of them all. Since I live in Kuwait, don’t be surprised by the Kuwaiti twist to my posts. And since I used to live in Britain, don’t be surprised if I comment on British politics, or recall some of my experiences there.

I apologise from now if you find my posts too long, but it’s some times way easier to write more than it is to write less.

Visit the blog, read my posts, and find out if this site is to your liking!