Fake Conversion Stories

Posted in Islam at 12:52 pm by Haider

I recently read a blog post about the fake story that Tom Cruise became a Muslim, and remembered an email I received some time ago about Bill Gates converting to Islam. The email included a “snippet” from The Christian Science Monitor article where Bill Gates announced his conversion. I looked through the CSM site, but didn’t even find Bill Gates mentioned there! Read the rest of this entry »


New Year’s Resolutions: Why Make Them And How NOT to Break Them

Posted in Personal Development at 10:26 am by Haider

The cynic within you is probably asking: Why make New Year’s Resolutions when you know you’re going to break them? The conservative within you responds with: But I’ve always made them! And since you’re here reading my blog, I assume you’d like to know what I think 🙂

So here it goes… Read the rest of this entry »