The 500 Word Challenge

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In view of my tendency to write 10 blog posts in 1, and the fact that I don’t have much time to write lengthy articles on a daily basis, I’m going to be challenging myself to the ultimate challenge! (for me anyway!)

… And if you’ve browsed through this site, “miracle” is a more appropriate word than challenge 😛

I’m going to limit my posts to a maximum of 500 words…

In most cases, I can sum up the main point of an article in less than 500 words. Where I feel an article deserves greater elaboration, I’ll post a short summary of the article here, and post a longer version of the article on Scribd (thanks teagirl for the suggestion!)

This way, my blog will be more “blog-like,” and I can satisfy my craving for writing more in Scribd (where I suspect more people are used to reading longer articles)…


Blog Updates

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I thought I should write a mini-post to explain my absence, and to update you on what’s been happening with me and the blog. Read the rest of this entry »

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