Damaging Self-Honesty

Posted in Belief, Ethics, Islam at 2:16 pm by Haider

I was about to write an exercise on self-honesty and self-examination, and how we can clarify our thinking and tackle the thoughts we’ve been desperately avoiding. However, I came to the unexpected realization that self-honesty might not be the best solution for everybody. This was a surprise for me, because I thought that self-honesty can help us resolve the major problems we face in life. But the problem isn’t really with us, but with the ideas that we have come to accept. Read the rest of this entry »


Employment: Modern Day Slavery?

Posted in Business, Ethics at 11:42 am by Haider

I recently received an email likening employment to slavery. Actually, “likening” is an understatement, because the writer stated that employment is worse than slavery! The writer makes some erroneous assumptions and jumps to odd conclusions. And since employment is a daily reality for most of us, it is important that we do not feel guilty about it, to learn what it means and to realise how it can serve our lives. Read the rest of this entry »

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