Owning Islam

Posted in Islamist at 12:36 am by Haider

I was once having a religious discussion with an Islamist, who I had a “few” disagreements with. I was extremely polite and presented all the reasoning for my arguments. I expressed my sincere intention to know what the basis for his beliefs were. But rather than give his reasoning and explain the justifications for his beliefs, he simply replied: Read the rest of this entry »


Islamism – A Topic to Discuss

Posted in Blog, Islamist at 9:11 am by Haider

Islamists are gaining greater attention in the global arena, as well as the local stage, which is why I have decided to add a new category to this blog called Islamist. I take particular interest in Islamism because I used to believe in it, but have since changed my outlook. Read the rest of this entry »

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