Free Your Will

Posted in Personal Development at 9:58 am by Haider

There is a lot of talk about willpower and determination in personal development literature, but what we need in order to change our lives is usually much simpler than what willpower seems to demand. Before we aim to strengthen our willpower, there is an important issue that we need to address. Read the rest of this entry »


Taming Our Emotions

Posted in Dialogue, Ethics, Personal Development at 2:15 pm by Haider

Muslims in general, and Arabs in particular, have a reputation for being too emotional when it comes to debates. A simple comparison between a debate on an Arab channel and one on an English channel will show how emotionally-charged Arabs can be. In fact, Arabs usually refer to Westerners as being “cold” because they do not readily express their emotions.┬áBut a┬ásensationalist attitude does not encourage dialogue, and rather than promote understanding of different points of view, it distances people from one another, and undermines the view, or belief, we seek to defend. Read the rest of this entry »

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