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May 7, 2007

Anti-Semitism in the Holy Koran

Filed under: Islam,Politics — Haider @ 11:49 am

Many readers of the Holy Koran are left with the bitter taste of anti-Semitism in their mouths. The majority of the stories in the Holy Koran recount the stories of Prophet Moses (peace be on him) and the problematic “children of Israel.” There are verses that directly condemn “the Jews” for a number of reasons, and seem to express hostility and enmity towards them.

While it is true that many Muslims are anti-Semitic, and they support their racist opinions with Koranic verses, or the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him and his family), I would like to offer an alternative interpretation to these verses and sayings, and present the true message that is being conveyed by them. (more…)

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