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July 25, 2008

Understanding Islam: Your Feedback

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I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to write the Understanding Islam book in isolation, by imagining what the best approach for the book will be, given the subject and my target audience.

However, the subject, in itself, is extremely broad and covers a number of issues and branches off to other subjects, making it difficult to develop a structure that will do justice to the subject.

And trying to think on behalf of my audience adds to the complexity of the task, since I am not fully certain whether I have left something necessary out of my argument, or whether the point I am making is clear (or even relevant).

Therefore, if you are interested in trying to understand Islam, I would like to get your feedback: how do you think the subject of understanding Islam should be approached? What topics do you think should be included? Where do you think mistakes in understanding Islam arise? Do you think the points I have raised, or the argument I am making, is valid? If not, why not?

You do not have to answer these questions now, but I would appreciate if you can give me your feedback whenever you can as I post my thoughts on the subject.

I will not be posting the actual book on the blog, but my posts will form the general outline of the book.

I will be creating a special page for the book, so that people can read all the posts in sequence, and where they can leave me general questions, comments or suggestions about the book.

I hope this project will be beneficial for all those who take part in it, and for all those who read it.

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