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March 22, 2008

A Commentary on the Prophet’s Birth Poem

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There is nothing that I would hate more than for my poem on the Prophet’s birth to be read as an empty propaganda piece. One of the things I strongly criticise about Muslims is how they’ve built up a devotion to the Prophet without really knowing what the Prophet is like, or what he represents to them in terms of his character. They were simply fed, from their childhood to the mosques they attend as adults, how great the Prophet is, but without elaborating on what kind of a man he was.

They praise him for being the chosen one, for being a mercy to mankind, for taking the Arabs out of ignorance, for being a man of peace, for being the final messenger, and so on and so on, without being clear about what this praise really means. Usama Bin Laden can begin a letter with the words: “In the name of God the Most Compassionate, the Ever Merciful,” then go on to order the killing of all Westerners in Islamic lands. What does God’s mercy mean, if He approves of, and even sanctions, the killing of Westerners, even if they are civilians?

I, therefore, would like to put the poem I’ve written in perspective, and to explain what I mean by it, and how I justify every verse in it. (more…)

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